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We help entrepreneurs to finance their technology startups with private and public capital investment.

We study and analyze projects and business models to define an optimal capital structure that adapts to the needs and objectives of each startup, taking full advantage of all existing financial instruments.

We adapt to the times of each company and project, getting involved in the achievement of specific objectives and offering personalized advice, adapted case by case.


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Managing Director

Enthusiastic and analytical. As a good engineer, he is constantly looking for new challenges that imply the resolution of a relevant problem. An avid reader of books and academic papers, he is always seeking to understand the why of things, and in particular the motivations behind human behavior. Oenologist by hobby and a master of Argentine roasts. He loves hiking in the mountains and sailing across the sea. After his successful stage at major companies such as Exxonmobil and Accenture, his passion for designing and launching new initiatives and his interest in new technologies led him to found Intelectium.


Lead of Business Development and Marketing

Communicative and empathic. She always likes to know what is the story behind each startup. She is a journalist, that's why she asks so many questions. Obsessed by the Native Digital Brands that are able to engage customers and create communities. Doglover. Esports fanatic, if I had to choose only one, it would be League of Legends. In charge of finding the best startups to work with them.


Lead of finance and Investment Analyst

Happily married with Camila with whom he has two children. He is the best with numbers and new technologies. Excel ninja. He loves and motivates to learn everything about everything. Amateur in macroeconomics, financial markets and geopolitics. When he can he plays chess and Age of Empires.


Managing Partner Intelectium Madrid

Entrepreneur who helps entrepreneurs. Always gaining the trust of the client with the quality of his work and with a touch of humor. With an analytical mind of a physicist, after a few years of programming in New York he "went down" to the world of financial Excel at McKinsey. The call of the startups came from the hand of Ontruck and Geoblink, to then start directly founding "The Startup CFO" in Madrid. Traveler and lover of the United States. He has been recently receiving singing, golf and chess lessons, with no major successes in any of the three (yet!).


Associate Consultant

Intrepid and charismatic. Graduated in Business Sciences from Pompeu Fabra University. With professional experience in the world of marketing, she soon realized that her place was within the startup ecosystem. Always ready to learn about any topic that can enrich the projects she works with. Unconditional lover of animals, of taking long walks in the mountains and discovering new songwriters with whom to enjoy a good live concert. In her free time, she juggles to combine all her hobbies.



Curious, versatile and eco-warrior. Graduated in a bilingual degree in Business Administration and Management at ESADE. She has experience in the financial world, specifically in audit, where she has been working for more than two years, her interest in start-ups immediately came to light and that led her to seek a change in her professional career. She loves traveling and having experiences in new countries, she has been living and working in Munich and Seoul. She is a nature lover and believes that together we can create a more environmentally friendly world. His two passions include yoga and artistic painting.


Associate Consultant

Curious and insightful, an engineer with an analytical mindset. After working in Accenture, he decided to embark on an adventure at Intelectium Madrid to help countless entrepreneurs realize their dreams, having a tangible impact on all their projects. Born in Palo Alto, with Venezuelan upbringing, and after 18 years in Spain, his personality brings together the best of each place, resulting in an involvement and understanding of the 100% of his customers. Always willing to escape to the beach to kite, organize a paddle game or play golf.



Proactive, analytical and data specialist. Passionate about technology startups with innovative and fast-growing business models. Graduated in Business Management and Technology from LaSalle University, with experience in business creation and startups from its earliest phase. He loves to travel and gastronomy, his fajitas are able to take you to Mexico with just the first bite.



Communicative and pure energy. An engineer with creative, integral and empathetic thinking, she is always up for anything. In love with the startup ecosystem, especially with social entrepreneurship, she puts at the disposal of each project all her resources and learning acquired during her complete formative experience. She firmly believes that through entrepreneurship and technology it is possible to generate sustainable solutions and a positive impact on the society. She travels the world with her ukulele and her backpack, spreading his passion for music wherever she goes. She loves to compose songs and write stories.



Thoughtful and pragmatic. Graduated in Physics from the Complutense University of Madrid and Master in Economics from the Austrian School, he is always asking himself questions and looking for creative answers. He loves music of any genre and discovering new songs. As hobbies, he plays the electric guitar and on the weekeends he plays soccer with his friends. He joins the Intelectium project with great enthusiasm and with the aim of learning everything he can about startups by helping the best entrepreneurs.


Digital Marketing Intern

Positive and persistent. After finishing her degree in Business Studies at Pompeu Fabra University, she decided to enhance her creative mindset and follow one of her passions: marketing and communication. She loves discovering new sectors of the startup ecosystem and learning something new every day. She is a firm advocate of practicing the think outside the box philosophy not only during the workday, but also during her daily activities. Although she would not change living in Barcelona for anything in the world, during the summer she leaves the beach and the warm climate of the city and escapes to the Pyrenees to disconnect.



Curious, charismatic with an analytical mindset. Graduated in Biomedical Engineering by Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, with a Master in Industrial Management by Heriot-Watt University (Scotland), and a Master in Management by Technische Universität München (Germany). After specializing in innovation and entrepreneurship, his main purpose is helping the startup ecosystem to achieve its objectives. Passionate about learning new languages, exploring other cultures and dog-friendly. Probably the number one fan of the American show The Office.


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