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We provide entrepreneurs with our extensive knowledge and experience in the private financing market to help them undertake their first Seed and A rounds, or implement B and C rounds for international expansion.

Business Plan Development | Capital Structure Design | Network of Business Angels and Venture Capitalists

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Business Plan Development

We specialize in developing business plans in order to introduce technology Startups to the market. Our team thoroughly examines the technical, commercial, and, especially, financial viability of each business idea to create a rigorous plan in order to attract private investors, as well as its subsequent adaptation for applying for soft loans and grants from governmental Institutions.


Capital Structure Design

We act as entrepreneurial partners. Our work is not limited to just reviewing, challenging and strengthening business plans to transform them into truly professional documents. We also engage in the design and implementation of efficient capital structures to avoid unnecessary equity dilution to entrepreneurs.

We design the best financing strategies and capital structures for each project, from rounds involving only Business Angels, to more complex operations involving national and international VCs.

Network of Business Angels and Venture Capitalists


At Intelectium, we have co-invested with numerous business angels and some of the leading venture capitalist firms in Spain. We are immersed in the investment ecosystem and know the strategies and interests of the most active players. Therefore, we can help the best entrepreneurs to accelerate contact with the most suitable to investors for their startups and help them undertake their first seed and A rounds, or implement B and C rounds for international expansion.

Our experience allows us to recommend and implement specific strategies for each project depending on the business’ potential, as well as the skills and competencies of the entrepreneurs. We design not only purely national rounds with the participation of business angels and VCs, but also more complex transactions performed on US based holdings. In these cases, we later on leverage each transaction using Spanish companies to obtain public debt without guarantees.