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Whether you’re working on innovative technologies, or services, there are a number of government programs available in Spain or at an European level to help you fund your R&D project. Here is a quick overview of the main ones.

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Sources and Programs targeting R&D projects in Spain

At the Spanish Government level, the different sources of funding and Programs are listed and defined in the State Plan of Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2013-2016. This plan includes multiannual programs to finance national and international R&D projects, as well as funding for the recruitment of technical personnel.

These programs are developed mainly through the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness or its dependent agencies, such as the CDTI, through calls in competitive bidding.



There are numerous programs for Startups and technology SMEs at different stages of development. These programs have different objectives, from financing R&D projects itself to financing exclusively the human resources involved in developing R&D projects.


Applications can be made either individually or in consortium with other companies, according to the most suitable program for each startup. At Intelectium we will recommend the best program to fit your needs.


It is a complex process that involves specific requirements, in which incompatibilities among different programs cannot be ruled out. In addition, if startups want to maximize the probability of being successful, the development of applications requires extensive experience in each program.

Success Rate

capital-riesgo1Our philosophy is not to submit as many proposals as possible to all different programs, but to carefully select the programs that best apply to each company and work very closely with only a small number of the best projects with the most funding potential.

This allows us to engage intensively with the utmost professionalism in each case, to prepare proposals for startups that meet all the requirements to produce products and services with real chances of becoming profitable businesses with a great futures.

Thanks to this work philosophy, our success rate is one of the highest in the Spanish market.

Other Programs

Emprendetur Young Entrepreneurs
Emprendetur Internationalization
ICEX Consolida2

Sources and Programs targeting R&D projects in Europe

At the European level, funding R&D projects and technology developments mainly falls under two strategic programs.

On the one hand, Horizon 2020, managed by the European Commission, usually covering a span of seven years (nowadays the span extends from 2014 to 2020).  This program replaces the previous one known as the Seventh Framework Program.

On the other hand, the initiative Eurostars, part of the Eureka program. Both programs provide funding in the form of grants, exclusively for collaborative R&D projects  among companies from EU countries.

European Public Financing: