AEESD Program (Strategic Agenda Digital Economy and Society) – Former Plan Avanza

For consolidated and growing technology companies, AEESD aid fund R&D to improve the current state of the art technology in the ICT sector, Internet of Things, eHealth, Smart Cities and Energy Efficiency, among others.

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Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism

Under the Plan of Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation, the Ministry of Industry, Economy and Tourism manages AEESD aid, intended to provide funding for R & D of high-level technology companies in the Spanish state, in modality competitive basis.

Offers two calls a year, usually in June and December, when the bankable thematic areas are distributed: Industries of the Future (Big Data, Cloud Computing, electronics), Cyber Security, Energy Efficiency, Smart Cities and Smart Mobility, eHealth, Digital Content and applications for improving the competitiveness of SMEs.



Minimum of 200,000 euros, with a maximum of 10 million euros



Combination loan and grant, up to a maximum of 30%



Individually or consortium projects



5 year amortization, with 2 years grace period, interest rate 0.506%


Payment and collateral

Prepayments for each annuity of the project, guarantees 25% of the budget