Public Financing
in R&D&I

In Spain, there is very attractive public aid in the form of
loans, grants, or a combination of both, that accompany
private financing rounds to help startups grow in their earliest stages.
These are soft loans that do not require personal guarantees
and are usually the first lines that startups turn to
in order to finance their growth.




At the Spanish level, the public financing lines of R&D&I for startups and SMEs are collected and defined in the State Plan of Scientific, Technical, and Innovation Research. The classification of these aids is organized in support lines for national and international R&D projects and aid in the recruitment of technical personnel. These aids are mainly channeled through the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) and the Ministry of Industry and Tourism (MINETUR) or agencies dependent on them, as is the case of the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), which has open calls throughout the year.

¿Who can

benefit from this?


Startups and technological SMEs in different stages of their growth that are involved in innovative projects. Depending on the Aid Program, it is possible to make applications individually or in consortium with other companies. Intelectium can advise you on what type of participation can benefit you the most depending on your project and company. But our work does not end there, rather it is only the beginning, since we choose the ideal financing plan for your startup or SME, we take care of the writing of the reports and financial projections, up to the management and upload of the documentation to the different application platforms.

Success ratio

Our philosophy is not to present as many proposals as possible to each funding program, but to select and work very rigorously with a small number of the best startups. This allows us to get much more active and with the utmost professionalism in each case, resulting in proposals that meet all the requirements to be financed. In this way, our success ratio in the public financing lines for startups and SMEs is one of the highest in the Spanish market.

Public funding lines for startups & SMEs at a spanish level

Cervera Program

Financing for startups and SMEs that create or develop a significant improvement of a production process, product or service in collaboration with state-level Technology Centers.

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PID program

Financing for Research and Development Projects developed individually or in national or international consortia. This is a loan with a non-refundable tranche (TNR) that can reach 30% of the budget.·

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CIEN Program

Lost fund grant for technology-based startups up to 250,000 euros. Applicant companies must be at least 6 months old and a maximum of 3 years old.

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NEOTEC Program

Financing for projects in consortium consisting of a minimum of 3 companies and a maximum of 8 companies. Within the consortium, the participation of Research Centers specialized in R&D is required.

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AEESD Program

Help from the Strategic Agency for Economics and Digital Society for consolidated and growing technology companies. AEESD grants finance R&D projects that improve the current state of technology art in the ICT, IoT, eHealth, Smart Cities and Energy Efficiency sectors, among others.

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R&D&I Entrepreneurship Program

Financing in loan format for innovative projects in the tourism sector to promote the development of innovative tourism products that improve the competitiveness and profitability of Spanish tourism in the face of the international landscape.

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EMPLEA Program

Help with the recruitment of technical staff for companies that have designed an R&D project. This is a loan aid with a subsidy component in kind.

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RETOS Program

Grant with refundable advance aimed at companies with a strong dedication in R&D&I that respond to the Challenges of the Company. Projects should be in collaboration with Universities or Research Centres, which are within the areas of climate, energy, health and food, among others.

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Torres Quevedo Program

Lost fund grant to stimulate personal recruitment with a PHD degree to develop R&D projects.

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European public funding lines

At a European level, the financing of investigation projects and technological development is framed into two strategic programs.

On the one hand, Horizon Europe is an aid programme managed by the European Commission. It replaces the previous Horizon 2020 and covers the period 2021 to 2027. This new programme will have an even bigger budget than the previous ones, reaching 100 billion euros and bases its lines of action on 3 well-differentiated pillars: Excellent Science, Global Challenges, and European Industrial Competitiveness and Innovative Europe.

On the other hand, there is also the Eurostars initiative. An aid line within the Eureka Programme, which also provides grants to international R&D projects that collaborate with other European Union companies.

EIC Accelerator

Up to 2.5M euros for the development of innovative technologies and technology-based companies.

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It has a budget of almost 3,000M euros to boost Europe's recovery and the Green and Digital transition.

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Eureka network eurostars

Grant for R&D projects carried out in consortium lasting between 1 and 3 years. Funding aims to drive market-focused innovation. It is for partnerships between companies from European states but currently also integrates countries such as Israel, South Korea or Canada.

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