CIEN program

Loan for business research consortia

The CIEN Programme finances major industrial research and experimental development projects, developed in effective collaboration by business groups and aimed at conducting planned research in strategic areas of future and with potential international projection.

This is a partially repayable aid combined by one tranche of current loan and a non-refundable tranche (TNR), the latter tranche is comparable to a lost fund subsidy.

The aid finances up to 75% of the budget presented, which must be a minimum of EUR 7M and a maximum of EUR 20M. Each participant in the consortium must receive a minimum of 350,000 euros. Business consortia must consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 companies. In turn, CDTI requires that a minimum of 15% of the budget be used to outsource a Research Centre.

Features of the CIEN Program

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