Torres Quevedo Program

Lost fund grant for hiring expert staff

Lost fund grant to encourage the recruitment of staff with doctor's degree for the development of R&D projects with a duration of 3 years. The objective includes previous technical feasibility studies, Industrial Research projects and Experimental Development projects.

Up to three applications may be submitted per entity at any time within the indicated timeframe, provided that in each of the applications the researcher to be hired is different and that each application corresponds to a project or action clearly different.

The amount of the aid shall be determined on the basis of the cost of procurement (the sum of the gross remuneration plus the business share of the Social Security), the type of project and the type of entity. The maximum annual eligible procurement cost for aid may not exceed 55,000€.

The aid should be applied to carry out additional R&D activities in respect of which the undertaking is carrying out, and the need and the incentive effect of the aid must be justified in its application.

Doctors who contract from these aids should participate in the implementation of industrial research projects, experimental development or previous feasibility studies, either in general, for their implementation or to reinforce some already started.

Features of the Torres Quevedo Program

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