Success story: Waynabox

Waynabox is a Startup that is leading the invention and development of the concept “surprise trip”. The company allows its users to travel a weekend to a surprise city for only 150€, taking advantage of the empty seats of airplanes and hotels, and comparing through an algorithm, schedules, prices, features and qualities of the destinations. The user have to choose the days for the trip (always being a Friday for a Sunday) and Waynabox will organize everything else. Then, two days before the flight, Waynabox will inform the customer the destination of the trip

The opportunity

In 2015, more than 4,700 travelers tested the Waynabox experience, achieving in a few months of the first year a turnover of 760K€. All this means that they have discovered a new type of tourism, costumers that want to be surprised when they decide to travel.

Waynabox won the 2014 edition of acceleration shuttle program and has already made its first investment round of 250K€. The company has the support of the airline TAP Portugal and ISIC (UNESCO Organization representing students of the worldwide). They count with a consolidate market in Spain that allows Waynabox to improve the product and prepare it to reach the international market.

The role of Intelectium

Intelectium has collaborated in the definition and implementation of the funding strategy of a round A investment with nacional and international investors and Business Angels. In parallel, Intelectium Ventures has invested in the company and has been involved in its acceleration.