#Why Us


We add value. We don’t like to stay on (over) the surface, we roll up our sleeves to fully understand your project and be able to offer you all our know-how. We provide concrete feed-back so that you don’t make mistakes that can be barriers to the entry of new investors later and to make informed decisions. We do not say yes to everything, we help you to question your hypothesis (ensure your strategy) in order to achieve the best result.


We have been in the investment and entrepreneurial sector for 17 years, which makes us hyperspecialized in technological and biotechnological startups. We are the first financial consultants exclusively dedicated to this kind of companies and we are specialists in doing so, more specifically, the financing processes and the different market sectors. We enjoy contributing to the sector by providing this experience to the entrepreneurs we decide to attend.

Partnership Approach

We have a high involvement with entrepreneurs and we don’t play a usual consultancy role. We aspire to be a trustworthy strategic-financial partner, the one to be considered to establish a long-term win-win relationship.


We have a large contact network We have a very dense contacts network built by our hard work over the years. We are partners with the majority of Spanish Venture Capitals and Business Angels. In addition, we know very well all public agencies and their officers. We are a respected and trusted figure for most of these actors, so those projects that go by our hand are received with a plus of interest.

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