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Intelectium Ventures is an investment vehicle managed by Intelectium Startup Acceleration, focused on investments of Tech Startups in very early stages.

The fund was created in 2011 as a consequence of the natural evolution of Intelectium’s presence in the entrepreneurial fundraising ecosystem. The daily contact with top-tier startups and entrepreneurs, along with the acquired know-how on the industry’s fundraising process gave us the deep knowledge required to contribute in the growth of tech startups by joining their investor’s team.
Therefore, we began to make small investments in entrepreneurs and startups with whom we had a track record, and knew very well. To date we have made more than 20 investments and 2 divestments (one of them partial). Both divestments took place in the first half of 2016 and gave us a multiplier of x3 regarding the total investment completed to date.

In the course of making these investments, we have developed a tailored “incubation/acceleration” model that gives us exceptional satisfactions. consisting of selecting each year one startup with whom we get more involved and generate a greater impact. The selected startup for 2015 was MiCuento, which in 2016 got investment by Bank Sabadell’s BStartup and a group of relevant business angels. Petoons was the startup selected in 2016. It is a company who is creating an innovative concept in the area of interactive kids’ games.

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