Intelectium Ventures is an investment vehicle of Intelectium Funding Acceleration, focused on investing in technological startups in very early stages.

The fund was born in 2011 as a result of the natural evolution of Intelectium by collaborating with numerous talented entrepreneurs in the processes of seeking private and public capital. The fluid contact with these entrepreneurs, added to the deep knowledge that we had to acquire from each startup to be able to get properly involved in the fundraising process, made us reflect on the attractiveness - not only financially but also vocationally - of us getting involved beyond the search for funds. As a result, we began to make small investments in entrepreneurs and startups with whom we had been working for over a year. Today we have already made more than 20 investments and we have multiplied the capital under management by 3x thanks to a proactive management of divestments.

Intelectium Ventures Intelectium Ventures Intelectium Ventures Intelectium Ventures

In the course of these investments, we have developed a model that gives us special satisfactions and defines our own style that is the "boutique accelerator", consisting of selecting each year a startup with which we get more deeply involved and generate a greater impact . In 2015 the case in question was, which in 2016 got BStartup and a large group of relevant business angels to enter its capital and that in 2019 will invoice more than 5 million euros. In 2017, the case was with, a children's video game startup that has reinvented the way to interact within the game. In 2018, we became involved with in the world of offsite and modular construction, with whom we still share an office.

In the remaining investees our role varies, but we are always there where and when we are required - depending on the needs of the entrepreneurs - but also our objective criteria that justify a good use of our time and capital. Sometimes we intervene as observers on Boards of Directors, other times we actively participate in "Advisory Boards".

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