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Intelectium Ventures is a venture capital (VC) fund focused on investing in technological startups which are in a “very early seed” stages. The startups must be led by talented founders and operate in high growth sectors of the economy which have a global vision.

We always co-invest with business angels and/or other agents of the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem. Due to our expertise and experience, once a startup grasps our interested, we can assist during the entire process of attracting other investors, leading to closing investment rounds ranging from € 100K to € 1,5M.
Intelectium Ventures looks for consolidated teams, which have previously worked together, with a global vision, a clear and differentiated value proposition and an already launched prototype – better if it has proven some traction and engagement, even if just in an initial phase. Nevertheless, we also look for a well-designed monetization strategy that the team will be capable of executing when it is the right time.
Even though, due to our past experience, we have more expertise in the tourism, eCommerce/Marketplaces or technological sectors such as mobile and AR / VR, we don’t focus on those exclusively. However, we do have a preference on B2C projects rather than B2B but we never reject a startup only for this benchmark.
We are open minded and evaluate each startup individually assessing their own achievements, the technology developed and considering the current state of the art of each sector.

¿Are you a technological Startup?

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1. Early stage

Early stage technology Startups which are already generating revenue with growing metrics (strong engagement and conversion rates).

2. Strategy

High potential startups, mainly B2C business models with disruptive Mobile First strategies, operating in tourism and on-demand services related industries.

3. International vision

International vision and a rapid expansion plan including at least some of the main European markets.

4. Team

With a team of at least 2 full-time dedicated entrepreneurs, with professional and balanced profiles in terms of market knowledge, digital marketing, and technology.

Thanks to our know-how acquired through our collaboration with more than 200 companies over the past five years, we are experts at designing, launching, financing and expanding processes to help technological businesses to internationalize. 

We provide you with all our expertise in these areas to help you grow your company.

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